Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When your job makes you physically ill from all the stress and frustration it piles on you daily, it may be time to find a new career.

I find myself slumping up the stairs in the morning, dreading the day to come.

I find life & positivity being sucked from me.

I find that I'm busting my ass, while nearly everyone else slides by because they know someone else will fix what they've done wrong.

I contemplate doing the same, but realize I can't or I won't because I know who will end up picking up the slack for my laziness.

I wonder how it is these people get by in their personal lives. Do they get by? Or is someone enabling them there, too?

I wonder why these people aren't fighting harder for their jobs, by at least striving for mediocrity, when the current economic climate makes it so difficult to find a replacement job.

I wonder why I'm still here. On a daily basis, I wonder.

I am comfortable in the lifestyle my income allows. I'm afraid to live in my car (or worse, back at home with the folks). I am terrified to make a decision about what I'd rather be doing. I'm afraid it will be the wrong decision again.

I need a plan. I need an exit strategy. I need a change.

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  1. i'v had a job that stressed me soo much and made me so sick i ended up in the hospital. so i'm sorry you're having a tough time....