Friday, January 7, 2011

Texts w/a Side of Wine: K-Dawg

Since I'm fixin' to lose it at work today, I decided to transcribe snippets from a few wholly amusing text conversations from last night. Permission has been acquired from the participants. Any offensive material has been edited to protect the innocent and the minds of young children.


K-dawg: Sitting in my jammies, eating edamame and watching Avalon High. I'm such a baller.

DPants: Holy. Crap. LFO came on 2 seconds before I got your text!

K: Perhaps inspired by my actions which are both lyte & funky?

K: I love me some crap movies but I just can't justify this one. Don't get me wrong-I'm still watching.

D: But you'll never guess who King Arthur is!

K: All signs currently point to Will but I'm gonna go with the creepy teacher.

D: Creepy teacher was on something else. I can't figure out what it was.

K: Let me imdb him on my fancy phone...Beepity boop.

K: Marco/Mordred is kinda hot...Mmmmm medieval bad boys.

K: Gasp! Creepy teacher is Mordred??? Moore...Mordred. Oh duh. Bamboozled by a Disney movie. Again.

K: Double gasp! King Arthurs can't be GIRLS!!!


K: Hey there mind. Consider yourself a lucky guy cuz you just got blown! epic tshirt right there.


D: Um. A bus just rolled into a lake on Camp Rock 2: Lame Rock.

K: I'm telling's no Camp Rock 1.

D: Wait! Big dance number! It may be ok after all.

K: It really would be much better if Lovato fell and broke her leg.

D: :( It would be more promising with a little Selena, though.

D: I wish people applauded when I was reunited w/my summer boyfriend.

K: You are speaking of Marley I assume?

D: He's my full time lovah! Not my summer boyfriend.

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