Friday, January 7, 2011

Texts w/a Side of Wine: RMCM

Since I'm fixin' to lose it at work today, I decided to transcribe snippets from a few wholly amusing text conversations from last night. Permission has been acquired from the participants. Any offensive material has been edited to protect the innocent and the minds of young children.

RMCM: How goes the [archery]?

DPants: It was over quickly, praise Jeezy. He didn't murder me & that's a bonus. [ISF] is visiting tmrw night!!

R: Bummer. I always think [archery] followed by death is hot. [M] & I like to play "praying mantis" in the bedroom.

D: You crack me up. He did get a little into hand on the throat tonight, which worried me for half a sec.

R: I shall call tomorrow man "I.S.F."

D: Yes!! To his face too?

R: [M] does the choking thing to me when he's had a few too many.

R: Totally, but first I have to think of a more appropriate phrase to pretend the acronym actually refers to.

D: Igloo Survey Fiend. Naturally.

R: How about "incredibly sexy fellow"?

D: Or that.

D: Insatiable Swan Fancier.

R: Ingenious satan fan.

D: Ooh! Instinctive snowcone fondler. That makes no sense.

R: Irridescent snowman finder.

R: Icky semen face!

D: And we have a winner! No! The snowman one!!

R: So "icky semen face" didn't stick? Bwahahaha


R: [M] did the mood app today and his was "trashy"

D: Accurate, I'd say. Have you seen how he dresses?

R: I know! I'm always like "Dude, it's not 1993. Grunge is dead" but he never listens.

D: I'm mostly concerned about his fishnets & short skirts.

R: I worry about the chain mail attached to his nipple rings.

D: What are the odds that we both said "chain mail" today? Small, but it happened!

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