Saturday, February 1, 2014

Closet-Part One

The shelf in our closet became the place to store the items that had no home immediately upon moving in. 

Upon taking everything out, it became clear that there was a place to put most of the items now that the rest of the house is pretty well organized. 

We had a variety of items: lovely gifts, fancy shoes, clothes to be mended, sentimental flowers, and so on. Murph is helping. 

The many empty plastic bags and Pizza Hut Parmesan packets win first place for Least Likely to Belong in a Well-Organized Closet. I think the Parmesan is left over from when construction crews were renovating. We also found Taco Bell hot sauce awhile back. 

I ended up with distinct piles. Things that belong in another room entirely. This includes the date night jar the Victorvillagers put together for our shower, Socktopus, a blank notebook, wedding cards, and Candice's lovely needlepoint pillow. 

I wrangled hiking items into a shoe box, but am unsure of whether I should keep any of it. We have a hat with a flashlight in the bill, a CamelPak that belongs to a backpack that's since been stolen, and a heart rate monitor whose watch partner is missing. 

Emergency beach bag that will go in my trunk. 

Clothes that need to be mended. I will put these in the car to take to a tailor. 

Synthetic rose from a father/daughter dance in 1985. I have no desire to get rid of this, but also don't know where to store it. 

Now we have a well-organized (let's be honest: empty) closet shelf. Surely this space can be used for something?

Where do you store your sentimental items and how many times did you see Murph sneak into a shot?