Monday, January 20, 2014


The vanity is one of far too many dumping zones in the bedroom. Why take five seconds to put something where it belongs when there's a convenient little table right by the door?

Yikes. Pay no attention to the unmade bed in the reflection. 

The first step was to get rid of near empty bottles by adding their contents to the bottles purchased to replace them. 

Hey, look! More water glasses where they don't belong!

I don't need three different types of daytime lotion on the vanity when I only use one regularly. To be honest, I don't need three different types of daytime lotion period. 

The following are the only items that need to stay on the vanity as they're used daily or nearly daily. 

Now it's time to wipe away all of the hair and dust with my favorite cleaning tool. 

I keep the morning hair and face items on the left. 

And the nighttime items stay on the right. 

The finished product is so much easier to navigate. Continue to ignore the unmade bed. 

This organization sparked a couple of future projects: find a better container than a plastic bowl for bobby pins and figure out what to do with the curling iron and hair dryer that currently live on the floor. 

What about you? Where is your favorite dumping ground at home? What's one thing you could do to keep it clear?

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