Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Bedroom dumping ground number two is the dresser.

Exhibit A:

I'm not sure what to be more ashamed of: the giant spider web in the windowsill (you can see it. It's the cloudy covering on the glass change jar) or the unnecessary number of bras on display. 

Like the vanity, the dresser is a major spot in the bedroom for dropping things when we don't feel like putting them away. 

Like I said, bras galore. I left these here after organizing the dresser drawers a few weeks ago. We have uncomfortable VS bras that I never wear, a strapless that isn't utilized more than once a year, the stickies from the wedding, and sassy lingerie gifted from Rose at my bridal shower. I need a space for items like these that I wish to keep, but rarely need. I'm thinking the top shelf in the closet would make sense, but that's its own little disaster and will require another post. 

We also have items that simply don't belong. 

Most of these are the result of having a new home and having grand plans for projects that are changed or never completed. I don't know what most of these screws are for. I'll put them downstairs in the workshop (oh, lord, the workshop) and they'll likely be of some use in the future. 

I was able to match these hooks up to their screws and anchors. This was originally purchased to install in the closet for belts, but I think it would be better suited downstairs over the shoe organizer. I've been looking for something to hold Dylan's hats and this may work perfectly. 

After a quick wipe down with my handy dandy baby wipes, we have the finished product. 

The change jars stay. This is where Dylan empties his pockets at the end of the day, so it makes sense. 

The dresser clean up was a quick 15 minutes that makes a huge difference. It's one of those areas that I see every day that adds just a little more to my guilt bucket each time. The guilt is unnecessary and annoying and now it's gone. 

Of course this clean up makes me want to start another project. I wish the top of the dresser looked snazzier. This dresser has been around since my stepdad's childhood, so it's scratched and discolored and, frankly, a bit boring. Can a dresser top be Mod Podged? Off to Pinterest I go!

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