Sunday, January 19, 2014

Purse Purge

Sunday is now officially the day to figure out what exactly I'm carrying around with me each day.



I dumped everything out on the dining room table to more easily sort the contents into piles. 

A pile for items to toss or recycle, mostly including gum wrappers and expired coupons/insurance cards, and old grocery lists. 

A pile for items that have an elsewhere to be, including keys to the office at a job I haven't had for six months. 

A file pile. 

A pile of things I need to take action on. I found a check to deposit, sanitizer and Advil to refill, a business card for an acupuncturist I'd like to see, a dirty spoon (ick), and stamps for Rachael Ray dishware at Albertson's that I'm pretty sure I don't need, but am still debating. 

Behold! There is also a pile of things that actually belong in my purse!

They just need to be prettied up a bit and compartmentalized. 

Like so. 

The ol' purse may not look much better to the naked eye, but it's a wonderful feeling not to be carrying the excess physical and mental weight around. 

What's the most unnecessary item in your purse right now?

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