Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upgrade/Downgrade: Equality

It could be argued by some (namely, my fiance) that I could be described as slightly extremely sensitive and a little lot irrational right now.

But when I come into work and click on an email for upcoming training offerings and this


is one of the choices:

Effective Service Consulting with Female Buyers
  • Wednesday, 10/24 at 11am EDT
  • Friday, 10/26 at 2pm EDT


How does one not take offense?

I can't think of any way to spin it positively.

Female buyers have to be treated differently how?

You must be more sensitive to them? Because of our feelings? Should you not also be sensitive and kind to male customers?

You need to explain recommended service on their car differently? Because we don't understand scary things like catalytic converters?

I'm not sure who should be more upset by the customer service that my company thinks women need: women or men?

Women, for obvious reasons. Sure. But men should also be furious that they're not being treated with the same level of kindness, caring, and explanation that women are. 

Very serious downgrade. Disappointing.

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