Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Things

1. I am way more pleasant when I'm wearing a skirt. Insight into why this may be?

2. I know nothing about fashion, but I learned by experience last week that loose top plus loose bottoms is bad. Loose top plus tight bottoms or tight top plus loose bottoms are okey dokey. And tight top and tight bottoms together are aces.

(stolen with no remorse from Google Images)


(see above)


Big ol' belt.
(via Kendi Everyday)


Red skinny jeans
(random Pinterest search)


3. A coworker asked me about my upcoming nuptials and decided to offer this gem on the subject:

"Yeah, I want to get married, but every time I save up enough money to buy a ring, I buy something else instead."

Never tell your girlfriend that. Ever. Let her think you're not ready. It's better than her knowing that sunglasses and iPads or whatever are more important than she is.

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