Friday, December 24, 2010

Timer Practice

This morning at work (because, let's face it, who's dedicated to actually working on Christmas Eve), I whipped the ol' camera out for a little impromptu photo session with the moms.

Let's agree that I need more practice with the camera, but I think these shots are adorable. Am I biased? Yes.

                                                                   Lesson, the first:

If you're going to set the timer to take continuous shots, give your subject a heads up.


Wait. What? There's another one?

How many is it going to take?

It's done now, yeah? Yes, mom, it's done.

Lesson, the second:

Stop laughing, you crazy person.

This is mom's pre-cheek-kissing face.

So is this.

Um...stop laughing.

So! Funny! Can't! Breathe!

Aaaaaand it's an epidemic.

Lesson, the third:

For the photographer in me: Make sure all subjects are in the shot. For the model in me: Stay in the frame, jackass.

Oooh! Cheek-kiss success!!

Post-cheek-kiss success?


Back in the shot. But with the giggles again. Mom's swooping in for another kiss.

And she's gone. Where'd I go?

This was a well-spent morning and a blast to do. I now have some great shots of my mom and I. There are so few in existence due to our consistent failure to act like normal humans when a camera's around. I also learned several lessons about photography, clearly.

Look at just how much fun it can be to make mistakes.

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