Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Lane

Many, many Fridays ago (December 10th), after viewing half of Toy Story 3 and eating a delicious dinner at Islands, my friends and I took an entertaining walk around Christmas Card Lane in PQ.

This is Kim. She enjoys riding on carousels. The reindeer and snowman are also clearly enjoying themselves. More importantly, ELF IS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND! Eeeeeee!!

This is Jar Jar (and friends). This one's mostly for Mok. Actually R2D2 is for Mok. I'm sure he hates Jar Jar. Also, amusing/frightening: Yoda in a Santa costume.

*Cue Circle of Life music here*


These dolls are Creepsville. Susan & Kim are understandably afraid.

Dobby!!!! Oh, poor, sweet Dobby. Damn you , Bellatrix Lestrange!

This one's for Mok, too. Although, I think he'd be pissed that Batman's not in front. But at least he doesn't have a douchey Santa hat like Superman or lameass antlers like The Flash.

Although this post is super late, the rest should be timely. I finally got all the pictures from my new camera on the computer last night, so we're good to go from here.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. the California Raisin riding that miniature carousel is pretty cute!