Tuesday, December 7, 2010

baby steps

I did not want to write about my foray into health for multiple reasons.

Mostly because:

1. It's sort of boring.
1a. Nobody wants to read that.
2. I will start out strong, then quit and don't really want public record of my attempt.

It's really only #2, though, because, um...no one's reading this except me. So, I can write it and bore myself. As for the real excuse I've been avoiding this topic. I love to plan. I get no greater joy than having a goal and setting up short- & long-term steps to reach that goal. The part that's tricky for me is the execution. Sometimes, I finish the planning portion and never begin the journey. Yet more often, I plan the heck out of something, try it for a week, then pretend none of it ever happened.

Buuuuut. If I start talking about this stuff here (which I have, obvs), there will be a way to be held accountable for something. And I hate that!

For now, I have a little complaint. I had gone weeks without buying any sort of "good" food. I was eating lots of processed stuff, for lack of a better description of what I was ingesting. So, like a good, little health-conscious girl, I dragged my butt over to Henry's to at least get some produce to start me off. See, aside from the health benefits of eating well, there's also extra incentive for me to do so. I get pretty nasty headaches when I'm not eating well. So, then I'm fat, lazy, and in pain. In addition to produce (and spices! Lord, do I ever love their bulk spices!), I needed to pick up some Greek yogurt because it's delicious and good for you. Right?


I bought this stuff here and was so proud of myself. (I'm making good food choices! And it's so delicious! Tra la la!!) But, guys...it's loaded with fat. And the sugar! THE SUGAR! What surprises me the most is that cream is a main ingredient. Is this normal? I thought yogurt was supposed to be, well...yogurt.

Anyhow. Mistakes are just a kick in the butt to do better next time, right?

I need to look at nutritional information before I buy something. Not after I've been gorging on it for several days.

Lesson learned.

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