Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Goals (NOT RESOLUTIONS!)

Not. Resolutions. I don't make them because I don't keep them.

I thought to myself toward the end of December that it would be nice to have monthly goals. I'd like to better myself. Always want to be improving and growing. Wouldn't it be nice to make new mind, body, and spirit goals each month? Of course it would!

January came with the following goals:

Mind: Complete 4 crosswords per week

Body: Complete my gym strength training workout 3 times per week.

Spirit: Learn to keep a plant alive.

Full disclosure: None of these goals is going very well.

Let me tell you something. New York Times crosswords are hard, friend. It's like they're written in some alien language. I should have, as mom suggested, started with the People Magazine crosswords. Those I can handle. You may show me a picture of Bradley Cooper for 1-across & I can fill in his name. I'm talented like that. But " 29-down: They're fed at the side of the road"? Um...pardon? Tigers? Astronauts? Weeds? Your mom? Couldn't that be anything that fits in the boxes? Anything?

I'll keep trying to complete them and perhaps they'll become easier with practice, but this week, I'm just frustrated.

My body goal has not even been attempted. I know what I need to do at the gym & had been doing it until this month. I also know what I can do at home on the days I don't go to the gym. But, this week, my fitness attempts have consisted of a few sets of triceps extensions, a few sets of one-arm dumbbell rows (heavier that I've ever attempted before, btw!), and a walk to the post office. Sad.

The worst part about it is not that I've missed my goal, but that I love working out & feel great afterward, but have been unable to push myself to do it. When I get home, I just need to put my gym clothes on and, if I still can't manage to exercise after that, then fine. I can lie in bed watching Morning Glory and No Strings Attached. I think changing clothes will push me enough, though.Update to follow.

Technically, my last goal is going very well since I haven't killed any plants this week. I'm not sure a plant could die that quickly. Mama Barr graciously gave me an herb garden for Christmas and the idea of having fresh herbs at home thrills me. I think I either water too much or don't water enough. I don't know how one figures out what the correct amount of water for each plant might be. Trial & error has not served me well in life as far as not killing plants is concerned. This goal is important to me, though. I'd like to think that I'll be able to have a functioning garden someday. I hear keeping plants alive is an integral part of a functioning garden.

It appears this has become a "how I failed at the New Year" post.

I've done one thing I'm proud of. Let's talk about that! I bought a journal from in which you write one line about each day for the next 5 years. I've written down the highlight of my day every day for five whole days. I know. I'm sort of an inspiration. I know it'll be great to look back on this in 2017 and see what made me happy through the years.

I hope everyone's first week of the new year has been lovely and successful and that the following 51 weeks are as well!

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