Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my mood

Oh, daaaaaaang.

It's already happened. I stopped writing. In an attempt to avoid an excuses post, I will instead talk about my recent, awful mood.

I have not done any sort of physical activity in the past six weeks.

I have only seen friend-type people once in the past 18 days. The one time I did see them, it was it a celebratory setting and those situations offer very little one-on-one discussion time, at least not much of the intimate kind that one needs.

This, actually, has recently gotten me thinking about friendship and what it all means. A lot. Bordering on constantly.

Anyhow. The no working out and the no friends have made me a grumpy gus, which of course makes me not want to work out or see anyone.

That's been my face all week. It's my Really, guys? Really? face and, if you've met me even once, you've seen it. If you know me well, you're very familiar with it, although it's probably not directed at you most times. It's always directed at them. Those other people.

At work, that's all they've been getting from me.

This, believe it or not, is not a complaint session. This is my promise to snap out of it because I'm beginning to irritate myself.

Tomorrow, I'm a new woman. No more snapping. No more looks. No more making people feel like idiots (even if they are).

The goal for tomorrow may not be happiness, but I will, at the very least, be pleasant.


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