Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Karma

Friday night, I drank myself stupid. No exaggeration. I had a major hissy fit in a public place.

Saturday night, I had a couple beers. And shots of tequila. And participated in five games of beer pong, so there's that.

I did no physical activity of any kind over the weekend. (Does a hissy fit count?)

Yesterday, to get back on track, I had a beef & green chili chimichanga for breakfast & spicy chicken noodle soup for lunch. It seems I wanted to make sure I didn't hit any important food groups.

Today, I went to the gym before work to meet with my personal trainer. Back on track for realsies this time.

But health karma wasn't having it. Health karma was all, "Your effort's commendable, but it looks like you forgot to pack a bra with your work outfit today. Have fun wearing a sports bra all day!"

Sports bra = zero nipple coverage

I'm sure the 40 guys I work with won't notice.




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